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Who we are:

I’m Molly Barnes. For several years, I’ve had a yearning to wander and travel. A lot of people wait until retirement, but I really wanted to do it while I’m young. In mid-2018, my amazing boyfriend Jacob Welch and I decided to leave our desk jobs and make it happen. We spent a few months backpacking abroad. When we returned to the U.S., we bought a used RV, put our stuff in storage, and hit the road. (Of course, it wasn’t quite that simple. There was a LOT of planning beforehand!) 


What we do

We are now full-time digital nomads, living in our rig, working remotely, and exploring different cities across the U.S. I’m a freelance writer, a vegan, and a bit of a coffee snob. Jacob is a web developer and thrill-seeker who loves rock climbing and outdoor sports. Rounding out our team are Casey and Rachel.

Casey is a moochy yellow lab mix of dubious parentage who loves trash and has no concept of social distancing. He likes to play tour guide on our adventures. Rachel is a tortoiseshell cat who has seen the big bad world and didn’t much care for it. She is a championship sleeper, sunbathes on the dashboard, knocks things off shelves, and never runs away when we park the RV.

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Meet the Team

We hope you enjoy our blog! We also love connecting with fellow travelers, nomads, and location independent workers.

Molly Barnes


Digital Nomad Extraordinaire

Loves animals, herbal tea, and Netflix

Jacob Welch


Digital Nomad at Large

Loves chocolate, pecan pie, and ballroom dancing.

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